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What is Restaurant Management System?

Restaurant Management System (RMS) is a versatile software that is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software. It will make your restaurant operation system easy and automated. This is an application that you can use as a computer application or server-based web application or mobile application. It can be used for any type of food business such as restaurants, hotels, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery businesses, homemade or online restaurant business, etc. It will manage everything from your account billing to staff management and keep the data secure.

What is Restaurant Management System
Benefits of Restaurant Management System

Benefits of Restaurant Management System

  • Able to track your orders and sales - Account management
  • Accurate, real-time financial statements and data will be available very quickly
  • You can do staff management according to schedule - Human resource management
  • Able to manage inventory - Food management
  • Easy system for customer relationship management
  • All in one software - Admin, kitchen, waiter, user all panel in a system, reservation system, purchase system
  • Complete process management system - order taking to delivery monitor
  • Easy payment system
  • Easy marketing solution - SMS & coupon, etc.
  • Online ordering platform
  • Responsive website and mobile application system

nRestaurant achieve a world-class reputation as Restaurant Management Software

nRestaurant is a restaurant management software that has become very popular with restaurant owners around the world. The restaurant business is booming all over the world so the competition is increasing. So the challenge of maintaining it is increasing day by day.

The feedback from the users of our software is very good. Many users from Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Ho, Koforidua are managing their restaurant businesses using this application. So we have made it world-class so that the use of worldwide increases.

You can get this software from our website or from various software or web application marketplace.

world-class reputation of Restaurant Management Software
Why choose Restaurant Management System

Why do you choose our Restaurant Management System

  • Easy to handle, No need any prior knowledge
  • All essential features at low cost
  • All systems within one
  • Extended version available for mobile application & desktop software
  • Supported at any device
  • If you want more customization it is possible for us.
  • Neat and clean code & SEO friendly responsive web application
  • Support available for any technical problem

Choose Your Favourite Theme

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Key Features For Restaurant Management System

nRestaurant is an online & offline restaurant management software, which manages to automate day to day activity of a restaurant. Now, we want to describe some features of nRestaurant that will help you understand the operations and perform your works efficiently.

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant point-of-sale or POS software is a vital component for managing the restaurant order. nRestaurant POS will make your business easier to manage your dine-in, walking order, online order and third party food order. nRestaurant POS module emphasizes on the latest restaurant, hotel, coffee shop business pattern. Therefore, it will be easier to compete in a competitive market. nRestaurant pos has user-friendly UI and easy navigation system for any type of user. Restaurant POS window has all you need to manage the order at your fingertips. Features of Restaurant POS Software are below:

  • Take Order from customer
  • Manage online order
  • Check food list
  • Token printing system
  • Online order notification
  • Manage on-going order
  • Assign a customer to a waiter
  • Find today’s orders
  • Print invoice for complete orders
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bhojon restaurant pos software
bhojon restaurant management software

Order Management System

An order management system is the most important feature of any restaurant management software. For this reason, nRestaurant has an effective order management feature that helps to manage orders of customers. As well as, it helps to perform all order related activities automatically. There are 4 different lists for managing orders.

  • Order list
  • Pending order list
  • Complete order
  • Cancel order
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QR Code Scanner

QR Scan ordering system is a new technology for restaurants to manage contactless orders from dine-in customers. This module will allow your customer to place an order from seatting on the table by scanning the QR image of your digital menu. QR scan ordering system will allow avoiding direct contact with a customer. With the QR code scanner system, customers can be placing their order more efficiently without taking any help from waiters. It has a cash-on and payment gateway option which will allow the customer to pay their bill smoothly.

  • Contactless order from the dine-in table
  • Real-time order update in the POS
  • Order Accept & Reject option from admin end
  • Order bill collection via cash or payment gateway.
  • Existing order edit and update option.
  • Digital menu system.
  • Supported by any type of mobile device.
  • Previous Order remembering option for an existing customer.
  • Real-time order update status in the customer device.
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bhojon restaurant management software

Android App Integration

In the present world, customers prefer online orders rather than offline orders. In this software, you can integrate the android application for operating the online order system smoothly. So, you can connect the nRestaurant software with three different applications for getting this facility. They are:

  • Customer app
  • Waiter app
  • Kitchen app

To learn more please see the app section

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restaurant pos software
Production Management for Restaurant Management System

Production Management System

To manage all your products nRestaurant has a dynamic product management system named Production. Using this software, you can manage your production system properly. Moreover, you can manage your production lists and new productions. Also, you can set up production units easily. So, using nRestaurant software, you can keep track of your production system with no difficulty. Here, we will give the list of your account workflow in the following section.

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Purchase Management System

Purchase is very important for your business. For managing the purchase, nRestaurant has an exciting feature. In the restaurant business, the purchase will happen at any time. So, you have to purchase ingredients or utilities as per requirements for ensuring the proper service. For this purpose, nRestaurant will be the right choice for you. Because this software has a purchase management feature that helps to perform this task automatically. Also, this software is time-efficient, transparent, and measurable for users.

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purchase management Restaurant Management System
dashboard of restaurant management software


The dashboard is a very important part of any software. To bring all the necessary information about your business to your fingertip, we make an outstanding dashboard. You will get the list of.

  • Latest Order.
  • New Reservation.
  • Latest Online Order.
  • Monthly business overview
  • Monthly sales graph
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Real-time Reports

Report creation is very important for a company. But it burns too much time. On the other hand, this software has an excellent feature that helps to create real-time reports. Also, it can generate accurate and error-free reports. You will find it.

  • Purchase Report
  • Stock Report (Product wise)
  • Stock Report (Kitchen)
  • Sell Report
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Real Time Reports of Restaurant Billing Software
Table Reservation Restaurant Management Software

Table Reservation

Table reservation is a very important factor for any restaurant management system. Traditionally, if a customer wants to book a table, he or she may need to call the helpline and book the table. On the other hand, using this software, you can receive a customer's online order as well as customers can reserve a table through using a customer app. Also, the customer can use the website for reserving tables online. Moreover, using the software, the customers can get updated information about the table vacancy. So, the customer will be more benefited than before, and your customer service will be better as well.

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Restaurant Billing Software - Payment method

There are a lot of payment methods that are used today. To take payment form different payment gateway, this restaurant billing software has multiple payment gateway support. There is:

  • Paypal
  • Mobile Money
  • SSL Commerz
  • Card payment
  • Two Checkout
  • SIPS Office
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Payment Method Restaurant Billing Software
Account Management of restaurant management Software

Account Management

Account management is very important for any business. In this software, that has an account management feature for performing account-related tasks easily and accurately. Here you can do all your account related work very smoothly. Now you don’t need to work manually to complete the accounting anymore. In this restaurant management software, accounting is just an easier thing than any other work. All calculations are automated. All you need to do is input your data accurately, and you get accurate results within a few moments. There are various aspects of this feature. They are:

  • Voucher report
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Profit loss
  • Cash flow
  • Coa print
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Human resources management System

An HR management system is one of the difficult challenges of all businesses. When you start a restaurant business, you must have to maintain human resources management properly. From employee selection to termination or resigning, the HR department has a lot of work to do. So, nRestaurant software can help you in performing those tasks efficiently. And you can count there,

  • Attendance
  • Employee
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Recruitment
  • Salaries
  • loans etc.
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restaurant pos software Human Resource
Shipping Mehod for restaurant Billing Software

Shipping Method

There are various kinds of shipping methods. Here you can declare your shipping methods properly. And all of your product shipping will follow this method when they are preparing to ship to the destination.

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Restaurant Table Management System

The positions of tables are a very important thing. Because the beauty of a restaurant depends on it. In this software, there is a feature that can help you place the tables in the right position. So, using this software, you can set up your restaurant table management easily and effectively. What you decide here will work as it is for your restaurant.

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restaurant management system Table Management
Multi Language restaurant management system

Multi-Language System

nRestaurant is also language friendly. You can convert this software in whatever language you want. In this software, there are already three types of languages installed. You can also add more languages. The LTR option is also here; you can also change the position of the text left-right or right-left.

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The currency is different in every country. In this software, there is a currency management system. So, you can add a new currency here. Moreover, using the fifth option, you can find out the currency. Here you can declare currencies. Like if you are selling in Ghana then you can declare GH¢ as the currency for buying your product, or you can add different currency as per your wish as well.

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Currency of restaurant Management Software
online restaurant management software

Unit & Ingredient

Using this software, you can find your restaurant unit measurements and Ingredients details that are used in your food.

Which food contains how much ingredients you will find out very easily. All you need to do is update your ingredient list with your dish or food item. You can also understand the quantity of each ingredient to need for preparing any food. So, this software can provide you the visual report of your kitchen.

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Attractive Front-end View

In this software, there are attractive front-end web views. It attracts more and more customers. When any customer visits your website, then it will create a wonderful impression for your restaurant management system. In nRestaurant, there is a lovely and dynamic front-end website. So, it can help the customer in these aspects.

  • Check Menu
  • Place order
  • Reserve table
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front end restaurant management system

Desktop Application & Offline POS

Since this software is a Python based desktop application. Therefore you can manage order from your desktop or laptop or PC; with or without internet efficiently. In the offline mode this application syncs data to the database whenever it gets the internet connection. So now you don’t have to worry about the internet connection or data synchronization. For using nRestaurant on a desktop, you will need a web version of nRestaurant. Because it is not a self-sustaining system. You will find the following features,

  • Place Orders
  • Manage Online order.
  • Create Invoice.
  • Print Invoice.
  • Online Data synchronization.
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Bhojon Restaurant Management Desktop App

Purchase nRestaurant Software

We offer two types of licenses. Regular License which is designed to manage any kind or size of the restaurant. And with an Extended License which is specially designed for commercial purposes. With a Regular License, only Email support is available. Besides with an Extended License, you will get extra support on Skype, WhatsApp, Anydesk.

OnPremise License

  • Website
  • Web Version With Source Code
  • Life Time Update
  • 6 Months Support
  • Permitted For One domain:-Personal Use
  • For Personal Project Only
  • Email Support (1 Business Day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation At C-Panel

CloudHost License

  • Website
  • Web Version With Source Code
  • Life Time Update
  • 6 Months Support
  • Permitted For 1 domain:-Commercial Use Only
  • For Commercial Project Only
  • Email Support (1 Business Day)
  • Skype Support (For 1 Hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (For 1 Hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (For 1 Hour)
  • Free Installation At C-Panel
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Addons: Purchase According To Your Needs

To enhance some extra facilities in your restaurant, you can fulfill your desire need by purchasing some of our best addons mentioned below:


Android POS App

Get a more flexible system by integrating this Android POS App and it allows the users to operate the entire system from anywhere and anytime.

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Desktop/ Offline Version

With the desktop/ offline version addon, you can easily place the order with or without the Internet, create or print invoices, and automatically synchronize all kinds of data.

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QR Code Scanner

With the QR code scanner addon, you can easily update all the orders, digitally access the full menu, order anything without contacting any waiter direct from Dine In.

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Multiple Printer Setting App

Save your time and resources by integrating the printer setting app because it will support multiple printers with your system.

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WhatsApp Order & Chat

Integrating WhatsApp with the system, you can easily take orders directly from the customer using the website and chat with customers too.

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Loyalty Program

Give points to your favorite customers. Make them valuable members of your restaurant, and give them VIP services and exciting discounts.

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It is one of India's no#1 online payment gateway. This assists you to enjoy the facilities of online payment from anywhere anytime.

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Shift Management system

Automatically set, record, and manage all of your employees' check-in, check-out, or shifting time.

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Advanced Tax / GST Setting

These addons will help you to manage and set tax or GST according to your country’s system.

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Taste Habit Program

Track and record customer’s food habits by noting their chosen habits and always serve each customer accordingly.

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Waste Management system

Manage waste, broken goods, and scraps of your restaurant. And also, alert you to minimize wastage.

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nRestaurant Mobile Apps: Purchase According To Your Needs

There are 3 exciting mobile apps that can integrate with nRestaurant software. These apps will make your restaurant management system very efficient than before.

add-ons Customer App Restaurant Billing Software

Customer App

Nowadays online shopping is very popular. With a fast delivery service, the food is also available online. nRestaurant also has an app to take orders online. The customers with this app will get the features below:

  • Place order
  • Check menu
  • Reserve a table
  • Find offers
  • Make favorite food list
  • Check order list
  • available in both android and IOS.
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add-ons Waiter App Restaurant Management System

Waiter App

A smart restaurant needs smart technology. In this software, there is an app for the waiter. So, using this app, a waiter can perform these:

  • Take orders
  • List of pending order
  • Get notification for new online order
  • List of processing order
  • Graphical order history
  • List of complete order
  • Graphical amount history
  • Order receiving system
  • List of cancel order
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add-ons Kitchen App Restaurant Billing Software

Kitchen App

You can communicate with the kitchen through this app. The features of Bhojon kitchen app is:

  • Get orders form admin or waiter
  • Accept orders
  • Food status notification

If the admin or waiter sends a request for food to the kitchen, then the users of the kitchen app will accept the order. After that, they can update the food status to processing. After the food is ready to serve. The user updates the status to complete.

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Combo Package

Below, we have offered you the world’s best combo packages ever, so that you can fulfill your desire at an affordable price. Added with 6-month support and installation service absolutely free.


Made for starters
$ 0.00
25% Off
Web App With Source Code
Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
Customer App, Waiter App, Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
Android POS (Without Source Code)
Purchase Now
30% Off


Made for experienced users
$ 0.00
Web App With Source Code
Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
Customer App, Waiter App, Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
Android POS (Without Source Code)
Purchase Now
Upto 35% Off


Made for professionals/agencies
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
Web App With Source Code
Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
All Android APK Without Source Code
Customer App, Waiter App, Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
Android POS (Without Source Code)
Purchase Now
Upto 40% Off
All in One


Made for professionals/agencies
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
Web App With Source Code
Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
All Addons
All Android & IOS App With Source Code (Except Kitchen IOS App and Android POS System)
Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
Android POS (Without Source Code)
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For Custom Work

Not satisfied with our combo packages??? No worries!!

We also offer the option for customization, where our developer will build your dream restaurant management system from “Top to Bottom”.

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact with us queries of CloudHost license or custom project.

  • Email:
  • Skype: NewkTech
  • Whatsapp: +233 242 349 181
  • Telegram: +233 242 349 181

Buy addons & main file

If you are interested to know the pricing of addons and main files of Desktop version, you can contact with us via mail, skype or whatsapp.


Skype: newktech

Whatsapp: +242349181

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ask Anything
Answer: Restaurant Management System aids restaurant proprietors and professionals with the automation of administrative tasks, inventory tracking, workforce direction & monitoring and management, orders, and even payroll. More often than they comprise an integrated IP (POS) method, or even a good integration using a POS offered by means of a partner seller.
Answer: Yes. You will get a notification for all orders in the dashboard.
Answer: Yes. There is a special window to use this software as a restaurant POS software.
Answer: Yes. This restaurant management software can print receipts and token by pos printer, and a cash drawer can also connect with this software.

The most important features of any restaurant management software are given below. But, you may not get all these attributes in one system.

Foods Price and Direction

  • Earnings projections according to day or season per week Forecast needed food or inventory sequence amounts and time-consuming
  • Visibility of menu item dictate quantity and menu items will be Definitely the Most profitable Identify and track food waste
  • Generate real-time revenue information and manage delivery arrangement integration systems.
  • POS hardware and applications
  • Create and handle workers' programs
  • Purchasing management and purchase order development Track Foods prices over time

Inventory Management

  • Tools that will help maximize sales and minimize costs
  • Customer loyalty program management
  • Manage meals expiry dates and Foodstuff stock
  • Time menu Enhancing capacities


  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Shift changes, employee communication, payroll monitoring - Clock workers in and outside