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Inventory management system is an automation software to track the Business inventory recording, ordering, purchasing etc. Get This inventory Software with inventory control system with very reasonable Price.

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Outstanding Features

No coding skills required to create a unique Business Inventory System. Customize your Software in real-time and see the results instantly.


Boost your profit:

Today, is the day of artificial intelligence.Task becomes easy by automated system software.So, manage business functional data with Inventory management system.


Easy inventory control:

Inventory management is a vital task for every business organization. We are offering the easiest inventory controlling system for the betterment of your business.


Business Management:

Our system consists all important parts of the business, such as Invoicing, Product management, Purchasing record, Supplier & Buyer record, Stock & Cash flow management system.


Keep Inventory at your Fingers End:

This software is compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, edge. Besides its totally mobile responsive. So using this system you can be able to keep your inventory at fingers end.


Safety & Security of Data:

Data is the essential components to take the managerial decision. Our system keeps your all important data on a specific server & ensure the safety & Security of Data.


Enrich your competency:

As a professional, its need to be more competent than to be more confident. Because confidence believes you are but competence makes you able. So, get our automation system and enrich your competence.

Introducing with Inventory management :

Inventory management means a managerial seeking to accumulate and maintain a correct inventory assortment whereas ordering, shipping, handling and connected prices and keeping all record in front of eyes. It additionally involves systems and processes that determine inventory necessities, set targets, offers renewal techniques, reports actual and projected inventory standing and handles all functions associated with the pursuit and management of products. This may embody the observance of products replacement into and out of storeroom locations and also the adaptive of the inventory balances. The primary and foremost objective of inventory management is to control stock levels inside the tangible distribution system, functions to balance the requirement for product accessibility against the requirement for minimizing stock holding and handling the cost.

Inventory management system:

Inventory management system is an automation software to track the inventory record, ordering, purchasing. It also maintains the account of supplier & stock level of warehouses. Much reputed organization is using inventory management system to avoid inventory overstock & outage.

The value of a company is the sum of Sales you generate. - Noble Williams (Ceo of NewkTech)

A complete inventory system aims at accurate reorganization of stock levels and reduces the probability of understock & overstock situation. By efficient recording quantities across stocking locations, you will have insight and be ready to create smarter inventory choices. An automation system provides the mandatory information each for the warehouse employee to perform daily tasks and management to own product and monetary insight.

How it is work?

Still, there are many necessary functions that seem in most systems; there are reliable options for inventory management software:

With this system, you'll be able to migrate merchandise between completely different teams and channels and build them simply searchable by kind, name, price, date, supplier, popularity, and lots of alternative filters by Categorization of merchandise. Better yet, the feature ensures full stock management, because it permits you to forecast demand, and build correct orders from your vendors.

Because of an inventory management software package, retailers will manage their sales and purchases from the constant system, track orders and stock levels, and even bill and invoice their purchasers.

Firms, just use the most regarding inventory management systems is that they eliminate time to waste, and limit the manual efforts required to bill and track projected sales. This is often created attainable by multichannel stock management technology. That optimizes sales in each retail atmosphere wherever it's applied.

This system integrates barcode scanning technology. This is often the foremost widespread and desired inventory feature that permits the exchange of electronic knowledge, and therefore caters to the requirements of worldwide retailers and huge firms. Scanning additionally permits electronic pursuit of order knowledge and helps retain full inventory, warehouse, and cargo management.

Inventory management systems treat knowledge as a dynamic variable and make certain you may keep up to the mark of it for as several things or services as you're commercialism. Basically, it offers you a simplified and fewer long thanks to the method the standard sales info, now keeping all members of your team updated regarding it.

Why you should use Inventory management system?

Getting absolute benefit in the present competitive world it is obligatory to maintain business timely, accurately, competently and according to demand of time and customers. What are your competitors doing to meet the demand of Era? Its need to say that, almost 80% business over the world using business functional software to run their business.

inventory working system

There are several points of inventory management software package explanation from the usage of the quality inventory management software package, as well as the correct distribution of product and services, prompt client service, and quicker and safer deal closure. With the ideal state of affairs, our inventory management system is cloud-based application but you can manage it both in online & offline,well-integrated with open source management software package, and out there to use on mobile devices for the wants of enormous and redistributed groups.

The business scholer's consider Inventory management system as essensial for the following points:

A lot of stock locations you have got to manipulate, the harder it becomes to manage orders and direct product to the proper customers. With associate adequate warehouse tool in situ, you may be ready to track the supply of all product and services, and so maintain customers promptly upon the standing of their orders.

Smart inventory management is that the innovation pillar of any healthy business because it saves each the time and energy required to manage stock manually. With a cooperative system in action, your staff cannot write daily reports and run back-and-forth through them to relinquish customers a solution, however rather have information prepared and frequently updated on their devices.

Several corporations report vital improvement of their sales level upon implementing their initial inventory management system. This can be, therefore as a result of correct inventory prevents you from losing customers, and minimizes common human mistakes like reportage product out of stock and referring purchasers to completely different stores.

The more important thing about inventory management software package is having the ability to hit delivery deadlines and keep up customers from waiting for his or her delivery time. Advanced programs can even involve them within the system, giving them a delivery status of the standing of order, and permitting them to trace the product’s movement from purchase to arrival.

The other accumulative affix of smart inventory systems is that they automatically adopt with unforeseen spikes in your sales, and you get to twinge them in line with unforeseen spikes and drops. For this, you won’t got to pay additional fees. Besides, the absolute benefit is that you may conjointly get the status of your product that prepares, packs, and ships product for you.

With customized service and correct responses at any moment of your time, your customers are a lot of glad than ever. They're going to be ready to track the standing of shipped orders, while not facing the danger of a late notice that the merchandise they expect isn't any longer out there.

Inventory management systems assist you to set up ahead and become a lot of proactive, as they track the standing of your product, manage negative trends and opportunities, and retrieve very important historical information to predict the progress of your sales. In fact, inventory tools area unit most of the time jam-choked with analytic options that free it slow, and still realize all necessary indicators that live your productivity.

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Our product feature

Now, Have you decided to get an Inventory management system? We are offering the most effective one in contrast to the value we receive from you.

inventory dashboard

Dynamic dashboard:

Inventory is the life-blood of an organization. We are offering the ultimate inventory management system to take good control over inventory. Our system starts with a responsive & dynamic dashboard. It’s the complete overview of whole system. Here are the opportunities to get instant access to some important systems like invoicing, POS invoicing, products, customer, sales and stock management system etc.

Dashboard will show your monthly progress report through a histogram. It also has the graphical presentation of your total customer, supplier, products amount.

Easy invoicing system:

We make invoicing easier than easiest. Happy invoicing with just a few clicks. In this section, you can create a new invoice, POS invoice and get an easy invoice management system. Here is an option to create new invoice mentioning Product information, cartoon no, quantity, rate, discount, total amount etc. POS invoicing integrated with barcode tracking technology. Invoice management store your all invoice in certain space and you can be able to manage them basis on on-time demand.

inventory invoice
inventory product

Product Management:

By using this module you can bring out your business before your eyes and easily manage your product even while you are sleeping. Product section reserve information including product name, product model, quantity, sales price, supplier price etc. You can also track your product by barcode or QR-code scanning.

CRM system:

While you are making business, it’s more important to maintain customer relationship than to sale more. CRM is essential to ensure long-term business growth. We include customer section to help you manage the customer relationship. This feature includes following sections:

  • Add customer: Input details about the customers. Their name, address, phone, Email etc.
  • Manage customer: Manage & update data of your customer.
  • Credit customer: Manage your credit customer data separately.
  • Paid customer: Manage your paid customer data separately.
inventory crm system
inventory category

Category based management system:

Categorize your every product details based on separate variants with category option. You are getting the following system for this feature:

  • Add category: You can create multiple categories you need.
  • Manage category: Click, update, manage and get specific data about your products.

Supply chain management:

Enlist all supplier data to maintain the best supply chain strategy. This feature is for reserving supplier data – supplier name, address, contribution, behavior. We are providing best structural data on behalf of your supply chain management. This feature includes:

  • Add supplier: Input & reserve supplier details, name, contract, address.
  • Manage supplier: Manage supplier data edit, erase & modify.
  • Supplier ledger: Maintain supplier status & get ledger. You will also get ledger supplier & sales basis.
  • Supplier payment: Input supplier payment history.
  • Supplier details: Supplier details show you supplier actual status.
inventory supplier
inventory purchase order

Purchase management:

Purchasing efficiency ensures you more profit. Here is the system for managing your all data, forecasting and taking effective purchasing decision. Our feature reserves your all data in one place and makes you more competent than your competitor.

  • Add purchase : Record your purchase details- supplier name, date, invoice no, product details, quantity, stock amount, price etc.
  • Manage purchase: add, Erase and manage record and get an instant status of your purchasing.


This feature accumulates your all supplier, customer, employee and all other details. You can manage your asset and liabilities easily by creating account according to its name.

Here is also a system for total receipt & payment management, you will get whole day transaction report in one click. Besides, we affiliate daily closing reporting system, cash in hand reporting with this feature.

inventory account
inventory stock

Stock management system:

Our software system makes you able to extend and reduce stocks levels for brand new products, returns, damages, shrinkage, and promotions – that additionally works for multi-item stock changes. You can count your inventory regarding FIFO-LIFO basis. Here are several sections to provide you particular data:

  • Stock report: This feature provides you the stock report including product name, model, quantity, selling price, supplier price, stock out, stock in, stock in hand etc.
  • Supplier wise stock report: Get stock report basis on your supplier.
  • Product wise stock report: Get stock report basis on your product.

Realtime Report:

To delay making the right decision is an evil decision. We are providing instant reporting system to take the instant decision. Get day to day sales report, purchase report, profit report instantly. Our on-time reporting system adjacent to the following options:

  • Today's report: Get day to day Sales & purchase Report.
  • Sales report: Sales report based on date, invoice no, customer details etc
  • Purchase report: Sales report including customer details.
  • Product wise sales report: Sales report based on inventory details.
  • Invoice wise profit report: Get invoice wise profit report.
inventory report
inventory bank

Cash flow management system:

Cash-flow is the respiratory function of the business. You may be the failure due to lack of proper management of your cash- flow. We integrate Bank, Commission, Office loan, personal loan four different options to ensure the best cash- flow management.

You can control your bank transaction, business & personal debt using these features.

Data synchronizer & settings:

Data synchronization make you up to date and confirm safety & security of your data. Here are two integrated system synchronize, backup & restore.

Settings option give you the opportunity of easy customization. This feature includes:

  • Company profile management system.
  • Multiple user management.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Company logo, favicon, header, footer & details settings.
inventory settings

License & Pricing

We are offering Two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

OnPremise License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for personal use only
  • For personal project only
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation at cpanel

CloudHost License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for commercial uses
  • For Commercial project
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support (for 1 hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (for 1 hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (for 1 hour)
  • Free Installation at cpanel

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Accumulative solutions

You are getting all important services of business including Inventory management, purchase order management, Supplier report & cash-flow management system.

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We offer a 30-days refund policy for all products purchased here on

How long do I get support?

You will have access to Software support as long as you hold an active software license.This is totally open source Software.

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It is completely developed by PHP & Codeigniter FrameworkThis framework is very popular and secured.

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Our SOftware Interface is designed by Bootstrap and HTML5.It is 100% Responsive and Qualitiful.

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